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Lydia is a Central-Illinois based videographer serving couples and business owners throughout our area and beyond.  This blog is to highlight past couples and clients and to give helpful tips and tricks to current or future clients.

Hi, I'm Lydia

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been chosen as my couple’s day-of-contact and IT’S WEDDING WEEK!!

I’ll be the videographer this weekend and I am truly SO EXCITED to celebrate with you all.

On Friday, you’ll likely be having a ceremony rehearsal and I have one small favor to ask during the rehearsal that will make BOTH the guest experience and their wedding video so much better!

Here’s a video, if you’d prefer to watch/listen:

Would you rather read? Keep going!

Here, we have a common ceremony setup with all our guests facing the stage/altar. where the couple is standing in the center with the wedding party in lines on the sides.

This is a good/ideal setup because all guests in outer seats can see the couple and my side cameras (in blue and green) can see the couples faces, like this:

Having these two side angles give me a great, clear shot of my couples’ faces and also allows me to keep the aisle clear for the photographer.

Sounds awesome and easy, right? NOPE. WRONG. The enemy to this setup is the wedding party ‘V.’

You can see in the image above, the line between my cameras and my couple is blocked by the wedding party. In addition to my cameras being blocked, the guests in the outer front chairs are also unable to see the couple’s faces and that’s definitely no good!

We all want to have a GREAT guest experience and a GREAT video!

How do we prevent a blocked shot?

Avoid the wedding party ‘V!’ And TEST THE CHAIRS!

As the couple and wedding party stand in position, ask someone to sit in the outermost front 3-4 rows of chairs. If they can still see the couple’s faces, GREAT! Your guests will be able to see and so will my cameras!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your help with this and awesome attention to detail! I can’t wait to party with you all this weekend!

And if you need anything from a question to a pack of bobby pins, please shoot me a text!

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