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what we do

hey friend!

I’m lydia.

I make wedding videos for a living, but would you believe that I never wanted to shoot wedding videos?

When I thought of weddings, I thought of chaos and stress and sometimes bridezillas. I thought of couples often getting so lost in the details that they lost sight of what really mattered. 

But when I realized that what I create outlasts all the little stuff and focuses on the meaningful stuff, I was HOOKED.

Because of her we were able to refocus on 

what truly matters

- Kalea, LSF Bride

I think I’ve watched our highlight video at least 50 times. I’m obsessed.

I get chills every time i watch it.

- michaela, lsf bride

Working with Lydia is like working with your best friend; She puts everyone at ease. 

I could not recommend her enough!

Grab some tissues and turn up the volume.


the films

I've got answers.

Got questions?


How many weddings do you book each year? How far out do you book?

My number one priority when a couple inquires with me is to form a connection. This means texting each other, following each other on social, chatting a few times on Zoom or in person, etc. Basically, my goal is to be a friend, not just a vendor.

I don’t do this for my own benefit (even thought I LOVE IT), but for yours. This process allows me to become totally familiar with your story, your relationship, and your personalities and it is ESSENTIAL for creating a deep, intentional, story-driven wedding film.

Obviously, forming true relationships with my couples and creating a customized wedding film isn’t a process that can be hurried along or templated. It’s for this reason I only take 12 weddings a year and am so thankful to have been fully booked, often a calendar year in advance. I start taking bookings 12-18 months in advance.


How many hours of coverage do I need?

If you’re here, you’re probably pretty early in your planning process. It’s likely you don’t yet have an established timeline, so figuring out how many hours you need on a wedding day can be pretty stressful. And that’s OK! That’s why I include full day coverage in all of my packages!

You don’t have to worry about planning your coverage around all your vendors’ schedules. I’ll be there through all the key events on your wedding day.


Do you offer photography too? 

YES! While I am certainly happy to work with any photographer you’d like, I have teamed up with Kate Spencer Photography to offer a truly seamless photo/video experience on your wedding day.

Sometimes the photo team and video team can struggle to get along and communicate on a wedding day. On both sides, I’ve heard horror stories. But when I work with Kate, I’m a valued part of the team and am truly a better filmmaker WITH her than without her. That shows not only in your film, but in the general mood of your wedding day.

Additionally, hiring a team lightens your load and streamlines your communication.


Can I get a ceremony edit? What about raw footage?

YES! ABSOLUTELY YES. In fact, these are my two most popular add-ons! I often hear couples say “I think I blacked out during the ceremony! I don’t remember any of it!” When they learn it’s not too late to add on a ceremony-edit so they can hear the officiant’s words or their own vows over and over again, a wave of relief washes over them.

Raw footage is another common add on. While my add-on isn’t TRULY raw footage, which is basically unwatchable and unusable, I’ve created an alternative called the Archival Edit. When you add-on the Archival Edit, you know you’re going to be able to re-watch every tender and funny moment of your wedding day, even if it’s not in your shorter edit. When grandma is no longer with you, you’ll be able to revisit the footage of her giving you a hug, tearing up during your first dance, and laughing at your dad’s speech.
In addition to these two offerings, I also offer other important edits. You really can’t beat being able to go back and watch uncut moments from your wedding day.


What if we decide after the wedding that we want to add on edits?

That’s not uncommon! Sometimes, my couples realize AFTER their wedding how funny their best man’s speech was or that the entire ceremony is a blur.

I shoot each and every wedding like you’ve booked my highest package and all my add-ons. If you decide in the weeks following your wedding that you’d like to add-on film length or additional edits, reach out! I’ll gladly add them on. There’s no pressure to know all the answers up front.


Do you have a drone? We love aerial footage.

I do! I’ve been an FAA licensed drone pilot since 2016 and I don't charge extra to include aerial footage. While I don't consider aerial footage essential for every wedding film, I'm definitely happy to take the drone up when it's allowable and the footage will help tell the story of your day! I love aerial footage just as much as you do!

First, you’ll fill out the inquiry form and we’ll set up a time to chat! This step is SO IMPORTANT because it’s important we actually like each other and have an opportunity to get to know each other. 

When you’re ready, I require a non-refundable $1,500 retainer to secure your date on my calendar and begin declining other couples. Your remaining balance is split into two payments-- 6 months and 1 month before your wedding. To make this process quick and easy, we’ll handle contracts and invoices digitally. 

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ready for the next step?

let's tell your story well.

I am so excited to work together.  To give my couples an individualized experience and truly give your story the attention it deserves, I take a limited number of weddings each month and calendar year, so the sooner you inquire, the better. I’m currently fully booked for 2022.

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