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In 2011, I bought my first camera, with zero understanding of how to shoot in manual or compose an image and DEFINITELY zero video experience. Now, in 2021, I’m a full-time videographer. I never went to film school or took a college-level class on photography or videography, so some would describe me as self-taught, but that’s FAR from the truth.

In reality, I have poured over hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, listened to hours of podcasts, and spent thousands (literally) on courses and mentorships. 

Why? Because the best way to quickly get better at something is to learn from someone who's a few steps ahead of you.

Since starting my business in 2016, I’ve learned about everything from marketing and social media strategies, to sales/consults calls, to actual filmmaking. I’ve had to learn all about how to capture audio, how to approach all kinds of different shoots, from brands to births to weddings, and how to edit efficiently and tell a story. 

In my experience, seeing first-hand another filmmaker’s gear, strategy, and approach, is invaluable. 

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film review

Submit a film and I’ll give you a video review, giving you notes on what you did well and what you could improve! 



This is my favorite type of mentorship, as it allows us to get our hands on gear and easily demonstrate how to plan for and approach different situations. 
In the 4-hour and 8-hour slots, we can create a full-film together highlighting a family, business, etc. 

Mentorships include a free film review.

Travel fees apply outside of greater Springfield-area.

2 hours/$600. 4 hours/$800. 8 hour/ $1,200. 


This is a great offering if we’re unable to meet in-person. We’ll approach the call in a Q&A-style format. 

Mentorships include a free film review.

1.5 hours/$400. Additional hours/$200 ea

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let's do this

This is the beginning of some big changes in your art and in your business!

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