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In an age of “pretty” and filters and fleeting social media posts…

My goal is to create something impactful and lasting.



Lydia Stuemke is a central Illinois wedding videographer who loves to travel throughout the midwest. This photo is compliments of Kate Spencer wedding photographer.

Hey there! I’m Lydia!

I’m a wedding videographer.

But my goal is NOT to create a pretty wedding video.

Hair styles and decor and even video styles will all look outdated in ten years.

But your story? That’s timeless, friend.

THAT is what will be a treasure that can be passed on for generations. THAT is what you can come back to on your hardest days.

If I’m just making you a pretty wedding video, I’m wasting your money. This film can be your North Star to bring you back home to each other when times are hard and to celebrate with each other when times are good.

When your story drives your wedding film, your film is timeless.

Imagine this.

It’s your first wedding anniversary.

You just got home from dinner and you’re on the couch enjoying a glass of red wine. Your spouse brings you a slice of your freezer-burned year-old wedding cake topper. You pull out your albums and talk about your wedding day and how beautiful it was.

Then, you play your wedding film on your TV. You snuggle in close and watch through your tears.

You look over to see him with tears in his eyes too.

You two share a hug and laugh about how much has changed, but how your love for each other has remained the same.

And you do this again, every year for the next 50+ years. Every year, through good times and bad, you use your wedding film to remind yourselves how much you love each other and why you got married. You watch it in times of struggle and times of celebration.

This is more than just a pretty video. This is a compass to guide you back home.

This film encapsulates who you are as a couple.

Ready for a good cry?

Watch the films.



Ready to take the next step?

TO create unique, customized wedding films for each of my couples, I take a limited number of bookings each year, so reach out soon!




Letter Writing Prompts

Writing letters to one another to exchange on your wedding day is one of my very favorite wedding trends.

Not only does the letter make a beautiful, tangible keepsake, but it adds so much depth to your wedding day and in turn, depth and story to your wedding film.


how to write a letter to your fiancé for your wedding day, midwest wedding video