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When I was six, my grandmother bought me my first camera and I never put it down. I knew from day one that I wanted to make videos. HAHAHA JK But sometimes I feel like that’s what your bio is SUPPOSED to say in this industry.

In actuality, I was 12 when I took my last art class. I noticed that my classmates in art class were much more “talented” than I was. So I quit. I didn’t take art. I didn’t draw (like, I can hardly draw a stick figure). I am not the kid that KNEW at a young age. 

I am probably the least creative person you know. I WISHED I were creative, but in my mind, I just WASN’T. 

Fast forward to 2011. I was watching my husband get a tattoo, and as I watched his tattoo artist draw, I complimented him on how talented he was. 

He said something to me that changed my life — “It’s not talent, it’s practice.” (I’m probably paraphrasing.) That was the first time in my life I realized that like any other skill, creativity can be LEARNED.  Creativity is a muscle that can be exercised. 

As it turns out, when you’re not feeling “creative,” even art has rules. And as a rule-follower to the core, I relied HEAVILY on rules as I learned my craft. 

Not long after I got my first “real” camera, I found my way to video. I fell in love with the way that pairing video with the right song will move people to tears. Later, though, I realized it wasn’t the music, but the STORYTELLING. And what story is more BEAUTIFUL to tell than a LOVE STORY? 

So, now I create wedding videos for a living. It is no exaggeration to say that every day, I am truly blown away that it is my job to tell these stories. (Seriously, my family is probably tired of hearing me talk about it.)  I am honestly SO EXCITED to hear your story. I want to hear how you met, how he (or she!?) proposed.  I want to hear about your dogs.  I want to know when you know that he was the one. 

Let’s. Do. This. 




Meet the (behind the scenes) team.


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I’m Wuppy.

My real name is Blue because I have one blue and one brown eye, but my mom gives out wacky nicknames like candy. ⁣

I’m the dog that made Lydia go from liking dogs to loving them and am absolutely Lydia’s number one boy. I love car rides, naps, and stealing toys.⁣

⁣ I love to play with friends, but overall, I’m the laziest of the bunch. I’m happiest cuddling with my head under a blanket. ⁣I’m pretty mellow and am happy to be wherever I am, but have some pretty intense RBF and I always look like I’m just tolerating my obsessive family.⁣

my mom is an elopement wedding videographer

I’m Potato!

I joined the family early this year when my dad was left unattended and wandered into the Animal Protective League. Originally, I was named “Bear” because I looked like a teddy bear, but the more I grew and my personality showed up, the more I actually looked and acted like a Potato. I’m still a puppy and my favorite activities are dragging trash out to the yard and napping. I also love giving puppy-hugs, where I bury my head in your neck and get lots of pats.

My mom is a Springfield Ililnois wedding videographer

I’m Jackson!

…or Jack, for short! I’m a year old and I joined the family in March of 2020 when my mom ran across me at a Petsmart adoption. She had no intentions of adopting ANOTHER dog six weeks after bringing home a new puppy, but it was love at first sight when she saw my big floppy tongue and outgoing personality!

When I joined my family, I didn’t know how to sit on command. Now, I’m the most obedient dog in the family. Not to brag, but I’m REALLY smart and tend to draw attention when I’m out in public with my tricks and obedience.

My favorite things to do are swim, and fetch, and I really love when I can do both at once! I am happiest when I’m working with my dad and I LOVE to show off my tricks.


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I take a limited number of weddings each month and each year, so it’s important that we connect soon!