Mr. and Mrs. Rascher – A Central Illinois Wedding

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Lydia is a Central-Illinois based videographer serving couples and business owners throughout our area and beyond.  This blog is to highlight past couples and clients and to give helpful tips and tricks to current or future clients.

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Lindsay and Jeremie got married at Kincaid Church of God on June 13, 2020. Lindsay said it best in her tearful letter to the groom, “our plans have been up and down and all around.” Pastor Jacob Skelton pointed out that this challenging season has prepared them for married life by teaching them to roll with the punches.

Their ceremony and reception looked very different than they had planned, but the still had the most beautiful, intimate day, surrounded by those closest to them.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride glow the way that Lindsay glowed during her ceremony. And the way Jeremie blinked away tears when he saw her walk down the aisle was truly touching.

We ended the evening during golden hour at Kincaid Lake. Away from the hustle and bustle of the day, their love for each other was so evident. I hope you can feel that in this wedding film. Lindsay and Jeremie, I hope you have a wonderful marriage full of all the warmth and happiness that your wedding day brought.

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