Hi! I'm Lydia.

I'm a photographer and videographer based out of Central Illinois, specializing in family films. I strive to capture the messy, the loud, the chaotic, the lovely, the tender, and the beautiful moments of motherhood in a genuine and unposed manner. 

Behind the Scenes, in my "office."

Behind the Scenes, in my "office."

We recently returned to the Springfield area after six years in Hawaii and Colorado with the US Army. We have three little ones, ranging from ages eleven to six. I LOVE learning, love birth, I’m a little (or a lot, depending who you ask) crunchy. I love to hike... ideally, barefoot. I love to travel. I’m awful at hair and makeup, love to sing, and am a horrible dancer, but dance anyway. I don’t do coffee, but live on chai tea lattes. I shoot daily, even when I don't feel like it. My camera often comes with us on errands because documenting the seemingly mundane is what I love to do. The routine and "boring" is often where the best memories live.

I love capturing all the special moments of motherhood... you know the ones. The way your newborn stretches his arms and squishes his little face when you pick him up from a nap. The way your daughter smiles up at you while nursing and giggles. The little dimples on your chubby baby's hand. That raggedy old stuffed animal your two year old drags everywhere. The way your little one nestles up in your lap when you're reading her favorite story for the 100th time. The look on his face when you show him grace for spilling half a jug of milk. 

When you look back through photos when your kids are grown, will they wonder where you were, mama? WILL THEY SEE YOU? Will they remember the way you looked at them? Or are you the one always behind the camera? I know you're there. Be in the photo, friend. This is a gift to you and it's a gift to your children. 

I appreciate you considering me to capture your family! I can't wait to get to know you. Let's grab some coffee (or in my case, chai) or a throw a blanket in the grass at the playground and talk about what you love about your family and how I can capture that for you.