What the HECK is motherhood portraiture?!

If you're on my Facebook page, you may have seen my announcement...

I'm now offering motherhood portraiture!

"Great. You're offering what?" Let me explain. 

If you're a new mom, it's probably not unusual for you to search Google for "baby photographer" or "child photographer" in your area. We all want to capture those cute little milestones. But when you punch in "motherhood photographer" in your area, I bet not. much. comes. up. Why?! Is your relationship with your child not important too? YESSSSS. It's super important!

In fact, I bet it's one of the most highly treasured relationships you've had in your life, right? 

springfield il child photography

If you're like me, you take candid photos of your spouse doing the little things with the kids. "Awwwwww... they're all curled up reading a book!" CLICK! "Aw! Look how sweet they are holding hands!" CLICK! "Oh my gosh, they fell asleep on the couch together and my heart just exploded!" CLICK! But I'm going to go ahead and guess that your spouse probably doesn't stop what he's doing to swoon over the cute things you and your child do. It's not that he's a bad guy, he just doesn't see those tender, fleeting moments like we do. 

....ENTER MOTHERHOOD PORTRAITURE! Gone are the days of only having front-facing-camera iPhone selfies of you with your children! 

Motherhood portraits will look different for each of us. For some, it may be the daily grind... making sandwiches with one hand and holding a toddler in the other. For others, maybe it's homeschooling your kindergartener while nursing your baby. Maybe you love to spend your days curled up in an armchair with a kid in each arm reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar over and over and over. No matter your story, it's special and is DYING to be told and REMEMBERED. 

ALL of my portrait sessions are laid-back and documentary style, which means that I'll document your life as it unfolds. That's where the good stuff happens! You don't even have to bribe your children to stand still and smile! So, if you've been avoiding portraits because your husband hates them, these motherhood sessions are just for you. If you feel uncomfortable posing awkwardly in front of a camera, these sessions are just for you. If you've been waiting to lose your baby weight or have your hair just right, these sessions are just for you. 

It's time to embrace your normal-- messy buns, yoga pants, spilled Cheerios, ALL OF IT. Your normal is beautiful and you'll miss it when it's gone. 

Get in touch! Let's grab some coffee (or tea) and start telling your story.