Think Birth Photography is Gross?

So, you think birth photography is gross?

photographing a mother giving birth at home.

You don’t want photos of how much pain you were in? “Why would anyone want pictures of their vagina!?” We need to talk. Birth photography isn’t about your lady parts. It’s not about the physiological process of birth. You know what it is about? How your partner supported you and how comforted and loved you felt just by his/her presence.

The emotion in the eyes of your loved one when she met your new baby for the first time. How your partner was moved to tears at the sight of his first child.

when you meet your baby, you should have a birth photographer to capture the moment.

It's about those itty bitty details of your newborn that change so quickly and the memories of them that fade with time...

Did you know that I rarely have graphic photos on my camera after a birth? Did you know you can see the moment a baby is born and the photo can still be safe-for-work? I strive to tell a story with my birth photos. Labor amnesia is real. It’s easy to forget how things looked and how the day's events played out. Your memories get foggy, but photos are timeless. There are many many tender expressions from your partner that you’ll never know of… the deep, raw, emotional ones where you can see the love in their face. I want your birth story to be told through images that you can share with family and friends and I want you to be able to show your child someday, how very strong you were, mama, and how very loved he is.

Let's talk about how we can work together to preserve the little, powerful moments that change your life. I would be so honored to be your birth photographer.

photo of dad soothing his baby after a hospital birth