The (CRAZY FAST) Birth Story of Elijah

As a birth photographer, I set guidelines for when I'll arrive at the birth. Typically, that means I don't leave my house until my clients are admitted to the hospital and moved out of their temporary bed in triage and into their own room.

But sometimes, I throw all that out the window and trust my gut, which is what I did on last Friday evening. Thank goodness I did. I arrived at the hospital at 8:36 PM (only moments after Segourney and her husband arrived) 

...and Baby Elijah arrived 14 minutes later. 

Segourney was incredibly strong through her short, but intense labor. You can see the relief all over her face when her beautiful boy was placed on her chest. Baby Elijah took right to breastfeeding like he'd been doing it for ages!

Congratulations to this lovely, growing family!

You can see the full video birth story below!

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