The Birth Story of Layla

I met Tara through Facebook. Isn't that how everyone meets everyone now? She and I are both in a local photographer's group. When I found out she hadn't hired a birth photographer yet (at 36 weeks pregnant!) but wished she had, you better believe I made a way to make that happen for her. 

And I'm so glad I did, because I had the joy of watching her and her husband fall in love with their newborn baby.

Tara came into the hospital in the middle of the night, entering transition (for not birthy folks, that's usually around 7 cm and on). She claims she was like a howling animal and that she was mean and a total mess, but that's totally not true. She was strong, and powerful, and laboring through those contractions wonderfully. She certainly was not disappointed when the anesthesiologist showed up and allowed her to labor through those contraction with a smile on her face, though! 

We chatted and laughed and made guesses on delivery time. Tara guessed 6:00 am. 

Labor continued progressing quickly for her and sweet little Layla was born at 6:01! Tara was practically right on the money with her guess. 

Little Layla came out a bit stunned and thanks to the wonderful and swift care of the staff, was soon doing fine. In the film, you'll feel the tension in the room as we waited for her first cry and the relief that washed over everyone when we finally heard the sound.

Now, onto everyone's favorite part...

Birth films have a way of making people cry. From family members who couldn't be in the room to complete strangers on Facebook, everyone is captivated by birth films. Delivering them is probably my favorite part of being a birth photographer. 

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