Project 52 - Whoops.

Sooooo, life caught up with me and I fell off the Project 52 bandwagon in September. This move was so much more challenging than I ever imagined it was going to be. I thought that moving home without my husband for three months would be a piece of cake compared to a nine month deployment, far from family, with a newborn. I was apparently VERY wrong. 

I've still been shooting, but just MUCH less than usual. Here's a little mini-film I made when the weather was warmer. It doesn't get much more "real life" than this. I decided to shoot this minutes before the bus pulled up, so I hadn't even taken a shower or brushed my hair ;) 

This is my last year with regular alone time with my littlest while the big kids are in school and I felt inspired to document the after-school routine with her. I hope you like it!

I finally feel like I'm getting close to being caught up on life, so I hope to share more personal projects with you again soon! Of course, you're welcome to follow me on my personal Instagram and keep up with our lives there and I'd love to follow you too! Come say hello!

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Project 52 - Week 35

Y'all, I can't even believe it's September. And that I'm back in Illinois and get to experience a real fall for the first time in YEARS. I mean, I loved Colorado, but even there, Fall just isn't legit. 

That said, we've been spending lots of time outside, enjoying the last days of summer. What will you miss most about summer? What's your favorite thing about fall?

Thank you so much for stopping by every Friday! Check in with my friend Jamie, and see what she's been up to this week!

Project 52 - Week 34

This week will go down as the week that I lost my mind battling my littlest to go to sleep. It seems that no matter how calm and relaxing our bedtime routine is, I can't get her to sleep without a fight. I can't talk too much about it without turning into a ranting lunatic, so, I'll just leave you with this.... the start of our bedtime routine. Bath time. 

preschooler bedtime routine

What's your bedtime routine look like with your kids? How early do you start? How much wine do you drink? Are there tears every night? No? I'm the only one that cries over bedtime insanity? Okay, then. 

On a more positive note, be sure to visit with my friend Jamie and see how her week is going!