Project 52 - Week 15

I feel so lucky to live in a place where we can go to a playground at the beach. BONUS: this playground has swings, which are hard to come by on this island! It was a little too chilly for us to get in the water, but we had fun anyway. 

Thanks for checking in every week! Hop over to visit my friend Meredith's blog and see what she was up to!!

Project 365 | Week 5.

Well, that was fun. I crashed my website and had to go back in and re-add each image to my whole site, manually. Needless to say, there's still a lot of work to do! Still, I found time to shoot.

Day 29 | Hike.

Day 30 | Giggles.

Day 31 | Shop.


Day 32 | Jump.


Day 33 | Shave Ice.


Day 34 | Bed Head.


Day 35 | Carry.


Project 365 | Week Four.

Finally. Four weeks in, I'm finding my groove. I'm shooting daily and seldom forget. I'm even struggling to chose just one image per day! What do you think? Is it cheating to share more than one? All the creamy bokeh from my Christmas tree lights has made shooting indoors so fun! (For you non-photographers, bokeh is the blury, out of focus area in a photograph.)


Twenty-Two | Pup.



Twenty-Three | Bokeh.



Twenty-Four | Shoes.


Twenty-Five | Tea.



Twenty-Six | Freckles.

Twenty-Seven | Shadows.

Twenty-Eight | Target.