A Morning at the Skate Park - A Family Film

You guys! My CHEEKS HURT. Shooting and editing this film had me grinning from ear to ear. Meet my sweet friend, Sophia and her awesome, skating family. This weekend, we visited a North Shore skate park and I was wowed by how much FUN her family is. 

Her oldest is only FIVE and he can RIP on his skateboard already! I was so impressed. The moment his helmet strap was buckled, he we off! Be sure you watch their film to see his other "helmet" he wore at the end of the session ;) Find their family film below!

Before you push play, be prepared. This video will make you smile and totally want to be friends with this family. It might even inspire you to get out and grab a skateboard yourself!

Want FUN, relaxed and genuine family photos and a spunky film for your own family? Get in touch! Let's start planning today!

Family Photos on North Shore, Oahu

Over the summer, I decided to finally start shooting professionally. I was clueless where to shoot, so I hosted a Facebook giveaway asking for location suggestions! I typed all the entries in random.org and breathed a HUGE sign of relief when my friend, Kaye, was selected as the winner! Fast forward months and several reschedules and getting a little lost and some misting rain, and we finally, FINALLY found our way to Chun's Reef for a family shoot. If I'm being honest, I was tired that night. I had been busy all day and I didn't really want to shoot or talk or move. But within minutes of meeting up with this family, I remembered what I love about photography. GENUINE, real smiles. Talking with the boys about their next move (where they'll see snow!) and tickles and jokes. We even got a little rainbow! The waves were HUGE that day (typical of winter on North Shore) and they snuck up on us a couple times. We all left with wet pants!

And this baby. Oh my gosh, this baby. You can tell she has stolen the heart of everyone in her home. and it's easy to see why. This lovely family has been in Hawaii for over 5 years now, and their time is coming to an end. I'm so thrilled I was able to document a little piece of their time on this magical island to remember forever.