Birthday Bowling

We do birthdays pretty low-key at our house. Rarely do we throw parties and the gifts are relatively few. This morning, when Josh came home from PT, he brought presents upstairs and Kate got to open her gifts in bed! She got a doll and a few accessories that she thought we had picked out for someone else at Target last week. She was SUPER thrilled to find out today that they were for her!

Later in the afternoon, we celebrated with some ice cream cake and then met up with Kate's uncle and cousins for some birthday bowling fun! Kate lost, but didn't seem to notice. I guess that's the beauty of bowling with preschoolers; They don't care how many pins they knock down as long as they had fun throwing the ball! 

However, there was a pretty intense rivalry going on between Josh and Autumn for 1st place. In the end, he won by a few points, but only after I encouraged him to play for real and not intentionally let her win. She was not a happy camper, but at least she did better than I did!