Shallow Focus Image Exercise

Well, that didn't go quite as I had hoped. I was invited to participate in a another photography challenge this week in Sharleen Mey Photography's Facebook Group. Our theme for the week was shallow depth of field and OOF. For the non-photographers out there, shallow depth of field is when only a small area of your image is in a focus, like the photo of my daughter reading on Christmas Eve. OOF stands for "out of focus," which Sharleen NAILED on her blog. So be sure to make your way through the blog circle to her site. 

This week, though, I was really uninspired and just couldn't really find my groove in the theme. I contemplated not participating this week, but then decided that it's TOTALLY OKAY to not have amazing images all the time! Sometimes you try and experiment and maybe the photos don't turn out how you had hoped. And that's when you learn and grow and just. keep. shooting. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my duds. Stop by my friend Candice's blog  to see her take on the week. She nailed free-lensing and you'll even see my littlest asleep on my pack in her post!

A couple hours later...

Wait, wait, wait. Bring the beat back.... I'm wasn't finished, apparently. I went out and shot right after I posted this and had SO much fun with Candice's Lensbaby! Thank goodness for sweet neighbors who kindly loan gear! She may never get it back.