Why I quit my Project 365. AKA: Project 52 | Week 1.

I quit. I'm done with my Project 365.... That's the project where I shoot daily and share an image from each day for an entire year. But I'm not quitting for the reason I thought I'd quit. I thought I'd get too busy, too lazy, too burned out. But really, it wound up being the opposite. I shot daily and LOVED MORE THAN ONE IMAGE. Or I'd shoot daily, but not love anything I got on Thursday, but nailed like 10 images on Friday! So, since I was already blogging images weekly, a Project 52 seemed like a logical choice. 

Added bonus: EVERYTHING is better with friends. So, I'll be having fun with a group of friends who will also be sharing their P52s every Friday. Please check out my new friend's Meredith's post here. Her image took my breath away!

So, you may see only one image per week, or you may see 20. But regardless, you'll see only my favorites from the week that sparked something in my heart. 

So.... Introducing Project 365 - Week One!


I love your blog comments! Which image is your favorite? How is 2016 treating you?