Project 52 - Week 33: A Walk Around Williamsville

We're getting settled in our new home and I'm super excited to show you around our beautiful little town. The population is around 1,500 and everyone knows EVERYONE. I haven't left the house without running into someone I knew from when I was a kid and it's really comforting. I'm not kidding... I even ran into my 1st grade teacher at the park, who remembered me, of course. 

The town is full of beautiful, historical homes and has a strong sense of community. Coming from a pretty tight-knit military community, it's comforting to move to somewhere where everyone cares and looks out for one another. After living so near the huge, busy city of Honolulu, Williamsville is a nice chance of pace. 

We've enjoyed walking around the time and reading the plaques that teach about the history of Williamsville. Old Route 66 used to run straight through our town. On the square, there's a post office, some beautiful historic buildings, and even a cozy Italian restaurant.