Project 52 - Week 2.

It's been pretty quiet around the Stuemke home lately. I've taken off the month of January from shooting for clients to re-evaluate my business model and to focus on learning new customer service skills. So, I've been glued to books and podcasts and classes and only picked up my camera three times this week (and usually it's 7+!!)

I'm thankful that the project 52 allows me the flexibility to relax into this new shooting routine. Check out my new friend, Damara's week here!


Also, it feels inappropriate to post today without acknowledging what's going on just north of us. This morning, I woke up to a text, confirming everyone was okay and then heard the sounds of many many helicopters buzzing around above my house, heading up to North Shore in search of 12 Marines. When you send your spouse to field training, you don't expect them to not return. Please keep their families in your thoughts or prayers.