Project 52 - Week 13

Guys, I love long weekends. They're the best. We had so much laid-back family time. On Easter Sunday, we took a bike ride along North Shore. Turns out, it's not so easy to shoot WHILE riding a bike. Who knew? We had fun finding some of the swings up along the beach, watching surfers, dodging chickens. The usual North Shore business.

On Monday, we talked Josh's brother and his wife out of a beach day and took them hiking with us to our favorite waterfall. This hike is typically SO muddy and slick, but we caught it on a perfect day, with almost no mud! I was able to shoot a bit, but this hike is one that's better done with two hands. 

How lucky are we to be stationed on this island with family just around the corner! The kids loved hiking with their cousins. I hope you all had a fun-filled Easter weekend!

Thanks for always checking in to see what we're up to! Check out my friend Meredith's week here.