Project 52 - Week 12

Well, those ten days came and went quickly. In my week 11 project, you may have seen that my oldest was here on island for a visit (more on that story here), but after a week and a half of fun, it was time for him to head back to Illinois. 

We all struggled more than we did last time. There was a lot of reminding ourselves why we made this decision to begin with and how it's worth it and how he's thriving living in Illinois. But now we're scrambling around, attempting to make some plans that bring us all together again sooner. Because 4-8 more months is a LONG time. 

These pictures aren't for the faint of heart. Lots of tears were shed. My girls cried most of the way home. Our youngest sobbed "but my heart will be broken without Noah!" Mine too, baby. But I promise to always be real and vulnerable with you. So here they are.

Now check in with my friend, Meredith, to see how her week went.