An Evening with the Holcombes and an Intro to Documentary Photography

It's no secret among friends that I'm a photographer. I love shooting and talk about it constantly. My camera practically lives on my hip or in my pocket. But when I tell people I specialized in unposed, documentary-style photography, I'm often met with blank stares, so allow me to explain!

central illinois mama baby wearing


What is documentary photography?

Documentary photography, or photojournalism, is quite simple, really. It's unposed and undirected. It aims to capture who you are and what you love in a laid back and genuine manner. It tells your family's story. 

Where do sessions take place?

Documentary-style sessions can take place anywhere that holds meaning to your family. Maybe that's your home, a park you frequent, a lake where you fish as a family, a local ice cream shop. Maybe it's even at grandma's house. It aims to document special family routines... even the simple, everyday ones. 

In fact, documentary sessions are typically longer than your average posed session, so there's great flexibility on what location(s) you include.

But, we're so boring! We don't do anything exciting. 

Hey, me too! But that's the beauty of documentary sessions... you really don't need to do anything out of the ordinary. Meet the Holcombe Family! Stephanie invited me over to document an evening with their family. They played outside, ate dinner, and gave the littlest a bath. That's all pretty simple stuff, right? Maybe it's "boring," but maybe it really holds some of the most important memories of your kids' lives. Because 99% of our lives are made up of the "boring" routine. And that's worth remembering. 

Posed sessions are beautiful works of art, but it's important to remember your family doing life, too. Because when you look back on your memories with your kids, I PROMISE you'll yearn to remember how it felt to snuggle your kids and hear them giggle. You'll cherish the little things that only documentary photography can capture. 

Check out the film below to get a feel for what an evening looks like with the Holcombes!