Christmas Eve Night

This morning, we scrambled around doing housework. The kids were so motivated, because they knew we had a surprise in store- a new family tradition. The kids finished their chores and huddled around the table with their dad to learn what we'd be doing. And he went to the pantry (where the gingerbread house kit was hiding).... and got out a can of beans. And told the girls that our new tradition was sharing a family can of beans.


We had also told them the new tradition was a family cleaning session. And singing Christmas carols with our farts.  FINALLY, they found out what we were about to do...

As you can see, the gingerbread house didn't last long. The roof caved in and we figured it was more fun to eat anyway. So we did. 

Every year, my kids get a new Christmas book. This year, I decided we'd better get a Hawaiian Christmas book, to remember our time on Oahu. So, I got "Ke Ahiahi Mamua O Kalikimaka" or "The Night before Christmas in Hawaii." It was a little tough to read, so Dad took over. I'm pretty sure our seven year old did better at reading the Hawaiian words than Dad did, but it was a good effort.

Mele Kalikimaka, everyone! I hope it's filled with love and laughter.