The Cesarean Birth of Bella Rayne

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned. And sometimes a kind nurse steps in and snaps photos in the OR. This couple waited for years to meet their beautiful baby girl. There were so many visitors and phone calls while we waited for her to make her arrival. The love and excitement was real. Mom labored for hours, but when she didn't progress, she bravely went in for a c-section. Her sweet nurse had experienced multiple c-sections of her own and was so kind to pep-talk this mama and calm her fears. You'll see the emotion in her eyes as she shares her encouragement. Another lovely nurse stepped in to capture some photos of the delivery, which are included below.

While Mom was finishing up in the OR, I was fortunate enough to be there as Dad shared a quiet moment with his new daughter. She locked eyes with him as she held his finger in her tiny hand and he spoke gently to her while the nurse did the exam.

I hope someday to be invited into the operating room for a c-section delivery, but am so glad I was able to document the day from start to finish and that this nurse filled in the gaps where I could not. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the full day as a beautiful slideshow. Make sure you have tissues nearby!



Are you planning a c-section? Scheduled cesareans often allow better planning and the photographer may be able to get access to the OR. Let's talk about documenting your cesarean delivery!