Black & White Challenge

I am SO excited to be doing my very first blog circle, hosted by Sharleen of Sharleen Mey Photography. In fact, I got so excited and inspired by this challenge, that I decided it was time to start a personal (non-business) blog. So, I did. Unfortunately, I ran into several snags and it took me WAY longer than I expected (story of my life), so I just got it up and running late Sunday night. We planned to post our blogs from this week's challenge on Monday. So, here I am, with a mess of an unfinished website and completely under construction, but going live anyway, because the only thing that makes me more crazy than imperfections is BEING LATE. For our first week, the challenge was to shoot for black and white. I was shocked that I struggled so much with it. So, I went with a few things I know photograph well in black and white... grit/texture and FRECKLES. I hope you love them! Below, I'll have a link to the blog of my super close friend and neighbor, Candice. Be sure to check her out and show her lots of love!


Now head on over to Candice MacDonnell Photography's blog and check out her amazing images from the week!