Autumn is Seven.

She is shave ice and Shopkins.  Hula hooping and sidewalk chalk. Braiding and belly laughs. Cart-wheels and hula-hooping. She loves to read, check the mail, and make her own eggs.

She plays hard, is always covered in dirt, bruises, and skinned-knees. She picks out her own clothes and does her own hair. She never stops singing. Her favorites are "Baby" by the Biebs and "Fight Song".

She is smart and brave and kind. I want to remember her voice, her laugh, her room, her writing, and her hobbies.

I spent about a week recording this to be sure we captured everything that's so *Autumn* right now. This is a peek into Autumn's life. 

What did you think of this video? What if I told you that I'll begin offering something similar to clients in September?  What would you most want documented in your family? Comment below and let me know! And then check in and see what my friend Meredith was up to this week!

If you already saw this on my Facebook page, my apologies! I had intended it to be posted as week 19 of my Project 52, but got so excited that I shared it a day early!