Healthy Kids Running Williamsville Illinois

Hello Williamsville Healthy Kids Running Families!

Click the buttons below to find each week’s photo. I aim to have photos edited and uploaded within two days of the race.


It has been such a pleasure photographing the last few seasons of HKRS and I am so excited for the Spring 2019 series. I love watching our kids push through challenges and can’t wait to see what this season holds. BIG thanks to Tiffany for coordinating our event and to all the dedicated volunteers.

In the past, some parents have had questions on how to download or print the HKRS photos, so I want to make myself available to answer questions. The photos will be posted at this link every week, so feel free to bookmark it!

Below, you will find a short video that walks you through the process. If you need any additional help, you can email me by clicking here.


How much are the photos?

Freeeeeee! You can download the full-resolution digitals free of charge. You are welcome to print them at your favorite lab or for higher quality prints, you can purchase through my professional lab.

Can I post these photos online?

Yes, please do! It is such an honor when you like my photos enough to post them. Because this is how I make my living, I do appreciate photo credit or a tag, but it’s not required. I speak for all photographers when I say that I’ll cringe if I see a filter slapped on my image, but if you can’t imagine posting on Instagram without a filter, I’ll look the other way ;)

If you intend to use the photos for non-personal use (such as for a contest or commercial use), please chat with me first.

Why don’t I see a photo of my kid this week?

Our HKRS is VERY well-attended, but there’s only one of me! (You’ll probably see me sprinting throughout the course to capture as much as I can). Unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to get a photo of every child each week, but I do make every effort to get a good variety. Sports photography is a VERY difficult genre, so it’s not uncommon for a vast majority of my images to be duds. In fact, I only have ONE decent photo of my own kids at HKRS. If you are a pro at taking running photos, I welcome your pointers! If not, thanks for your patience and keep an eye out for your runner next week!

How do I view and download the photos?

Here’s a video that walks you through the process.

Can I hire you for my family photos?

Totally! I would be honored. This isn’t just a hobby, this is how I make my living. If you’re looking for more traditional portraits of your family standing in a field, smiling at the camera, I’m probably not a great fit for you (and would love to refer you!). But if you’re looking for something different, I specialize in an unposed, photojournalistic approach to families, with my most popular offering being family films. You can find my portfolio and more information here.

Have questions about the HKRS?

Find more info and found out how to join Healthy Kids Running by clicking here.

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