“A mother’s arms are made of tenderness, and children sleep soundly in them.” —Victor Hugo

Motherhood. It's a bittersweet paradox. It's so full of joy and so full of frustration. It points out your flaws, yet empowers you. It brings you to tears. It fills you with laughter. The days drag on, yet the years fly by. 

What will you have to look back on of this time? Are you the one always behind the camera? When your children thumb through their childhood photos, will they see you? Will they know the way you looked at them? 

Maybe you've never had photos done because your spouse HATES the idea of being in front of a camera. Maybe you've been putting off a portrait session because you're waiting to lose that baby weight or when your house is clean or when her hair looks just so. STOP. Let's talk.

"Lydia is AMAZING. The passion she has almost made me cry ... photography is her calling!!! She came to my home to take some lifestyle breastfeeding photos. She is personable, kind, sweet, and easy to talk to. We'd never met in person, yet it felt as though I'd known her for years." -Caitlin T.


Family Films are my most popular offering. They are a beautiful, cinematic representation of your family, as you are, right now. Because when you look back on your life, I want you to hear that little giggle, or see the way she toddled behind you. They are great for the family who wants a unique portrait experience that will be a treasure now and 20 years from now. See more films here.

  • Pre-Session Planning and Questionnaire (either online or in-person)

  • 2 Hour In-Home Session or On-Location Session

  • 3-4 Minute Cinematic Keepsake Family Film Set to Music

FILM + PHOTO - $750

The Film + Photo Package is perfect for the family who wants timeless still-photo artwork and a unique   story-telling film to showcase all that makes your children and family wonderful and unique. See more films here.

  • Pre-Session Planning and Questionnaire (either online or in-person)

  • 2 Hour In-Home Session or On-Location Session

  • 3-4 Minute Cinematic Keepsake Family Film Set to Music

  • 15 Hand-Edited Digital Photos with Print Release

  • Optional Product Upgrades

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The photo-only session is great for the family who would like unique, emotional artwork to display on their walls or on their coffee table. It's perfect for the mother who's always behind the camera and wants to be sure that as the years pass, her children see the way she adored them when they were smaller. 

  • Pre-Session Planning and Questionnaire (either online or in-person)

  • 2 Hour In-Home Session or On-Location Session

  • 40+ Hand-Edited Digital Photos with Print Release

  • Optional Product Upgrades

Get inspiration for you own session; Browse more family films here!

Motherhood + Family Story FAQs

What is a Motherhood Story?

It's just like it sounds. We are going to tell the story of your life as a mother. That means we aren't going to go stand in a field or on a beach and pose for photos, but we're going to capture your EVERYDAY. I'll capture you with your little one snuggled up in your lap reading Go Dogs, Go for the 900th time this week. You'll get to remember the way you locked eyes with you baby while you rocked and fed him. You'll remember the love and belly laughs of spending your days doing what you love with your kids. 

Sometimes the story you want to tell may be of just you and babies, or sometimes it may be your full family. Either way, there's a beautiful story to be told. Motherhood Stories are going to look totally different for everyone. You may want to see this blog post, which explains the sessions more in-depth. 

How is a documentary portrait experience different?

I'm so proud to specialize in unposed and undirected photo-journalistic portraits. This means that all the moments in your film/photos will happen naturally and authentically.  While I find posed and directed photos lovely, I find that the real, unmanufactured moments are the ones that often can hold the most meaning to us as the days, weeks, and years fly by.  Your real life is worthy of capturing.

Since this may be your first documentary portrait session, I'd like to share how your experience may differ from past portrait experiences. It is VITAL that I have a deep understanding of who your family is as a whole, what has brought you to where you are, and what you value. It's important that I have an understand of each of your children's personalities and quirks. And it's important that I learn how your family loves to spend time together. We will work together to come up with a session that allows us to capture all that's special and unique about your family... no two sessions will look alike! You may find that our planning of your session involves more communication than past portrait experiences, but LESS PLANNING THE PERFECT OUTFITS and praying for obedient children! Hooray!

Should my spouse be there?

That's TOTALLY up to you! We can tell your story on a Saturday morning, enjoying a pancake breakfast in your jammies. Or maybe an evening family game-night. Maybe your family loves to go out for ice cream on Sunday afternoons!

OR MAYBE we can tell the story of your average Tuesday morning, where you're homeschooling the older kids and juggling a baby on your hip. Maybe it's your Thursday afternoon of putting your little one down for a nap while you wait for your oldest to return on the bus and then helping with homework. 

If your spouse has been dragging his feet about family photos, that's okay! It's time to have some photos that showcase all you do as a mother and the deep relationships you have with your children. There is SO much beauty and joy in your everyday, isn't there?

But my kids are crazy! We've never been able to do family portraits!

Yup. Mine too, girl. Mine too. That's the beauty of taking a photo-journalistic approach to your portraits. Your kids are FREE to just be them! We can embrace how ornery your two year old is instead of work against it! This style allows you to truly remember his spunky personality. It'll show all the beauty in the chaos. And trust me, friend. I have SO SO been there. Even if you're burned out and overwhelmed (we ALL are), your everyday story is more beautiful than any shoot we can style and pose. 

Documentary portraits make your family photo experience stress-free. Can you imagine a session where you don't have to wrangle or bribe your toddler to hold still or smile at the camera? THIS IS IT! And because my portrait sessions are longer than typical posed portraits, there's plenty of time for everyone to relax and forget about the camera... and that's where to magic happens. These types of sessions are especially great for special needs families who may have been unable to do traditional posed portraits. 

What about newborn sessions? Do you offer those?

Newborn sessions are some of my absolute FAVORITES. I often do newborn sessions in the hospital, in the first day of life, but we can also do your session in-home! Since my sessions are unposed, there's really no "best time" to schedule your session. I strive to make you comfortable and honor your post partum healing, but capture all those early details. You can see an example of a newborn film below. 


Have more questions? Just ask! Contact me.